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Me sewing up a Vadar outfit.

Welcome to the World of Special Effects. The clothing and costumes you see here are a bit too racy and wild to appear on my Fashion Design Page. Click on any image you like below in order to see a bigger digital picture. On some images, you'll need to hit the back button on your browser along the top to return to this page.

Want to see how I made a totally rad I made an outfit just like him costume on a shoestring budget?

          My Gal Pal, Vargas Girl wanted a "modular" Cinderella outfit. That means she can take it off piece by piece anywhere, anytime. I obliged her and made one.

Click here 2 see a bigger picture.

Lo Res of Victoria Vargas

My Fetish Straitjacket drawingJason Zodiac is a phenomenol teen idol singer in Japan. He came over to our shores and developed 2 Dance Videos under the creative directorship of Screamin' Mad George. The assignment for the first video, "Silence", was to create an exxagerated over-the-top Straitjacket to make sure it "read well" in the dance video. It did.

Click here 2 see more pictures of the straitjacket in action

Alamo WomanHere's a cute bubbly woman. I worked on a Dance Video down in Joshua, Texas under the creative direction of Tom Rainoni (Supervisor of Special Effects in Crow III and Lord of Illusions), and had to suit up some exotic dancers in a wild hedonistic scene. At one point, we were gonna film the "Alamo Girl" here shooting off a machine gun atop the actual Alamo building. After this video, I knew I was in love with my job.

Click here 2 see a bigger shot of this skimpy leather fringe clad woman.

By popular demand, another BIG shot of Ashley.


A Designer/Entrepreneur who I call Alien Joe, asked me to design a toy lady action figure. I threw in parts I'd been asked to make for Sci-Fi films in the past and came up with this Action Lady.

Click here 2 see a bigger picture

Toy Action Figure

Our HeroIf you haven't seen this dude in my How-To section, check it out. The costume look here is the style this super dude had before his movie came out. After the movie, crowds of people raved how great the movie version suit looked and changes were made to the comic book character. Even The Dark Knight Detective Caped Crusader "lost his shorts" in the comics these days.

Click here to see a larger shot.

Yusef & I about pistol whip an Alien Wolf

Creative Director Lex embarked upon an ambitious TV series project called "Starrunners" before Power Rangers or Star Trek Voyager. We're still working on the project today (as a possible Webisode Series). In the shot above, I'm on the right and Yusef is on the left with an Alien Furry Lycon Wolf Creature pinned down under our guns onboard our Starship. I'm one of the Costumers for Starrunners, under the expert tuteledge & guidance of Lead Costumer Lynette Johnson-Ecklund (Honey I Shrunk the Kids and FX work at Steve Johnson's FX) and designed sparse protective apparel, on the Wolf Creatures, to show off their fur. Lynette, herself Fabricated the insane 7 feet tall Lycan Furries in her one bedroom apartment!

In the shots below, we can see a progression from the "Motorcycle Jacket" look, to the cool beefy look I came up with for the next episode of "Starrunners."

Lex's TV Show Logo

My New Alien Wolf Drawing

Me with an Alien Wolf   Naked Alien Wolves

I helped bring to life not one, but two full size figures of the famous "Mr. Bradley" character a.k.a. Pin_Head from the Hell_Raiser Movie series. Designer Mike Shelton carefully hammered the sharp nails into the foam appliance head, just like they do in the Pin_head movies.

Just click 2 see a bigger pic.


A Collage on Teagan For the Sci-Fi Movie "Alienator", when asked by Director Fred Ray to follow the body dimensions from the headshot of starring actress muscle woman, Teagan, Costume Designer Cleve Hall (SyFy's Monster Man, Pee Wee Herman's Great Adventure) & I were wildly shocked to see the woman was heavier than the photo by 30 pounds at least. Luckily, a lot of the material on her futuristic costume was made of stretch fibers, and Teagan was able to get her groove on in the suit after-all.

Teagan Alienator Costume by Designer TJP and Cleve Hall
A Designer TJP Costume Sketch

The PosterThe "Rollerblade" movie series really brought me into the world of Special Effect Costume Design kickin' & screamin'. The deadlines for making the clothes were tight and the costume budget was nil. 40 percent of the clothes in the movie came right out of my closet.

Click on the 2 images see a bigger shot of me and the girls, or the movie poster.

The Poster

DJ Beej asked me to sew up a replica of the pimp suit from the movie, "I'm Gonna Get U Sucka". Beej did the "Platform" sole treatment on his yellow shoes. The pimp hat was sewn up twice after some real pimps stole the first hat off one of Beej's pals one Halloween in Santa Monica.

Click on the image to see a bigger shot.

A real live pimp suit

The final version suitThe big PR logo

Check out the Artist's Concept idea for Trakeena (from Power_Rangers) on the right compared to the final version suit (left) as she appeared on TV. I heard the folks, higher up in the production food chain, thought the first idea was too risque. Ha ha, I think the suit with all the tiny holes I made was just as racy.

Click on any image to see a bigger shot.

My Artist's Concept drawing

Work in progressHere's Metra Girl. A Sci-Fi walkabout woman for an electrical company down in Long Beach. They asked MBP, Inc. to replicate the 3-D digital rendering (on the right) into reality for a Las Vegas Electronic Convention. MBP, Inc. asked me to help out in the foam fabric construction and sewing.

Click on the images 2 see a larger picture.

The 3-D image

I was brought in at the last possible moment 2 help an Associate Costumer, Sheila Lloyd over at MBP, Inc. produce some cool looking suits 4 the Backstreet Boys of BSB. Since I was also sewing up a fur vest for singer Kirk Franklin in a dance video, I really had 2 carefully divide my time. The "BSB" suits were basically a combination of spandex and Foam Latex.

Click the BSB image 2 see a full view of BSB.

The Boys

Mary, up close
Check the radiant inner glow of innocence radiating from Mary's beautiful persona.

reference sketches

My Dance Partner, Mary, wanted 2 be her favorite character "Snow White" for her Halloween Party. She asked me to stick close to the original cartoon drawing instead of creating something "Beyond Melrose." That's Mary on the right with her man Brian who suited himself up as a "Ghoulish Gangster Dude."

Click the people images 2 see a bigger shot.

Mary & Brian

professional shot of StormHere's Vargas Girl suited up as the Holly Berry "Storm" from the movie "X-Men." I sent her down to the San Diego Comic-Con Convention with the high hopes of winning the Masquerade contest. I heard the judges felt the outfit looked too professional and wanted to disqualify her. It was their loss. I'm happy with how the suit turned out.

Click the image on the left 2 see a larger shot of Storm with the Crystal Ball.

studio shot of Storm

Lou on Stagemy X Dude Logo

Here's Lou as "Logan" from _the first X_Men_Movie. Stitching all that red piping (back then, I wasn't trying to be anal movie accurate with yellow piping because I wanted this Logan/Wolverine Suit to "pop" like crazy up on stage at the San Diego Comic-Con Masquerade contest) was a real pain in the butt, however that's what separates this suit from all the "Grannies" out there who are gonna make Halloween "Wolverine" costumes for their grand kids.

The suit was sold! Check out the details on the X-Men Logan Wolverine suit.
Available for commission work to build you a Wolverine Suit anytime! Prices start at 1100.00

Click on the 2 "Logan" images to see a larger shot.
Lou on Stage

The new Sota FX posterSota FX Logo

Sota FX totally got down building props and set pieces for Insane Clown Posse's Hatchet Rizing Concert Tour. Sota asked me to help sew up some Wrestling Masks with white cross emblems on the front for the performers to wear while up on the stage. Mary, and her family, and pals, and my Brother helped pull off this mask assignment. Thanks.

Checkout Sota FX's new business card artwork.

See my Fan Art on the DL Boys

Wrestling Mask

Lara C Title Art
And you can be too!

Hey, I sold the suit! But I will still build a Lara Croft Gun Holster (which includes 2 twin faux 45 pistols) for 112 U.S. Dollars.

The Super Model (my Dance Partner) was digitally placed in an adventurous location.

Here's the bio on this faithful movie reproduction version.

As you can see from the pics, all you need are your boots and socks (the outfit comes with all the rest) and you're ready to beat up the bad guys for some much needed treasure.

Lara leans back...
Lara holds back... This Tomb Raider outfit was fabricated and sewn to kick butt just like Angelina_Jolie. I complete the movie version holster assembly here by adding a skull to the front belt buckle, and big grommets to the holster belt.
The Tomb Raider gun holster is fully adjustable and allows the user to raise or lower the twin faux 45s. The initials, LC appear on the sides of the fabricated holster. The khaki shorts are size 4 and are carefully hemmed high to add sex appeal. The ribbed tank top will fit small to medium women and absolutely flatter a big chest. Lara crosses her guns...
Tomb Raider Gear... Lara's outfit comes with dark round sun glasses, ribbed tank top, raised hem khaki shorts, gloves (with added matching trim), a fully functional backpack, and of course the twin faux 45s and adjustable holster. Each time I build this outfit, the backpack, gloves, tank top, and shorts will change slightly depending on the color material and available garment ready for modification. The base price for this LC suit starts at 273 dollars. You can buy a Separate Tomb Raider Gun Holster assembly for 112 dollars (plus 9.25 Shipping to the USA). Email me for further details.

MK4 Suits Fabricated by SMG and Designer TJP

Screaming Mad George got the job to build 4 Mortal Kombat Hero Character Suits: Scorpion, Shinnock, Raiden, and Reptile. He in turn, contacted me to "get down & funky" with my Singer Sewing Machine.

Reptile Costume by SMGFX and DesignerTJP

Check this Clip on our M_o_r_t_a_l Kombat 4 TV Commercial spot shot way down in Mexico.

Mortal Kombat Scorpion Suit by Designer TJP

Mortal Kombat 4 Scorpion Retro Classic Suit

Mortal Kombat Scorpion Suit by Designer TJP Hello, you now have an opportunity to order a Mortal Kombat Scorpion Retro Classic Suit. All you need is a sword and your favorite miltary boots. We have the rest. The suit is fabricated by Costume Designer TJP (Co-Fabricator of Trakeena and Divatox of Power Rangers, he helped build the Ultra-Man seen in the latest DEVO Monster Music Video). Made with painted Eva Foam, smooth black vinyl, and stretch spandex, the Sorpion Suit consists of leg shin armor, fore arm armor, chest vest armor, shorts, tassle belt, hood, and bottom face mask. Please specify a gold or yellow colorway, against the black, upon your order. Takes approx 3 weeks construction time. Sized for Medium to Large Adult Males.

Designer notes the fabric and colors may change, without notice, depending upon the availability of fabric downtown.

Send an eMail (at the bottom of the page) for Pricing and shipping details.

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