The X-Men Wolverine Logan Suit Fabricated by designer TJP
A TJP Logan Suit Collage

The Logan Suit

The Logan/Wolverine suit is based on the X-Men Movie One Version. I made the piping trim brite red to draw supreme attention in Costume Battle at the San Diego Comic-Con. For "Logan" Reproduction Commission Suits, I "switch back" to yellow piping. The suit is made of vinyl and padding material. It's wearable and sized to fit tall to medium tall folks. The claws slip into pocket pouches on the glove making them removable when sipping a cocktail. The leg zippers will zip down over your boots for a snug fit at the bottom. The Logan suit price, with Claws and Gloves, starts at 1473.00 U.S. Dollars. After three or four costume competitions and parties, you'll see a few scratches, but nothin' to write home about. Are you a serious Costume Collector familiar with the Standing Full Figure Costumes at other Special Effect Shops like MBP, Inc. [ ]? Over there, they sell Darth Vadars, The Metropolis Girl, Patrick Stewart as the Locutus of Borg, Batman, and other Hero Figures for 5000 bones and up. I help build them from time to time. Wanted to make sure my Logan suit was as good as theirs. If you live in the L.A. area and have visited FRY'S Electronics over in Burbank, then you've seen the Darth Vadar I worked on, in that cool store.

The Costume/Rental shops around here only wanted to pay 600 bones for my suit when I tried to liquidate it last April. For 500 bones, you can buy an adequate Super Hero Suit of your choice over at Hollywood Toy and Costume. My detailed suit is a step above. I've attached a collage pic showing several people who've worn the suit. The claws, that come with the suit, will get you into a Nightclub or parties because they are less sharp and dangerous than the delicate collector's Logan Claw set sold separately (see details below).

The Logan Claws to the right are available, with gloves, separately from the suit for 312 bones. They were sculpted, then molded in high density plastic polyurethane. These claws should only be viewed in a display case or equivalent. They weren't made to hit the Costume Parties, but to attempt an exact replica of the claws in the X Movie One Version.

Hope this info helps. Let's talk soon, Tuck out!

Your Designer, Tuck!

The X Symbol

A claw Shot

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