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From a faux cake box label to an exotic bottle of wine, no job assignment is too weird for a special effect prop designer. Check out some of the more interesting props I've made. Remember to hit your "Back or Return" button at the top of your browser once you've seen one of my enlarged images.

For the TV show "Wasteland", the prop department asked me to design a faux cake box label. I got inspired by the Little Debbie Snack Cake Girl and came up with the image on the right.faux cake box label

Pink CurtainsI was even asked by Screamin' Mad George, to sew up some beautifully pink velour curtains for his home. His wife felt this pleasing color choice was most appealing for the arrival of her Father.

My Dad gave me one of his old card tables and I immediately went to work fixin' it up for my studio. I put on wheels and added a vinyl cut black marble print for the table surface.a refinished card table

My computer tableNowadays, this sparkle red table is filled with computer/electronic and AV Video gear. It started out as an old grey industrial business table until I finally got some time to re-vamp it. I painted the table legs and drawer a sparkling red mixture with actual sporadic flecks of gold and holographic glitter. I re-surfaced the top of the table with a vinyl cut black marble print. Then I put her on wheels.

Mom and Dad dolls sittingI presented these two 15 inch tall dolls to my parents as Christmas gifts. That's a little bag of marbles in my Dad's left hand. He runs a Marble and Antique store in Pasadena. My Mom has fringe running around her skirt and wears a blue cowboy hat. The color theme of the university (Langston) my Mom graduated from is orange and blue. During the construction of the dolls, I imprinted actual photographic images of my parents' faces onto the doll heads.Mom and Dad dolls standing

I made this cool Cigarrette and Candy case for Dean's club 1980. The theme of the club is New Wave and I wanted to reflect this madness by using fun fur, faux animal print, and of course some gold tassles. There are a lot of Early 80's retro clubs springing up around Los Angeles, so smear some Adam Ant war paint on your face and come out sometime.I'm standing here holding a custom made cigarrette and candy carry case

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