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Tuck John Porter a.k.a. Designer TJP a.k.a. The Costume Pimp of Hollywood

contact info: tjp@aceweb.com or designertjp@gmail.com

Hair Show Special Effect Makeup Conventions

IMATS Los Angeles 2018 (A Worldwide Make-up Á EFX Artist Show) - Built an Alien Girl Costume for EFX Michael Burnett.
IMATS Los Angeles 2016 (A Worldwide Make-up Á EFX Artist Show) - Built an Alien Girl Costume for EFX Michael Burnett.

Cosplay Anime Conventions:

C2E2 - Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo 2017 - Built an awesome X-Men Logan / Wolverine / Top for Client Pal Patron Tony to Cosplay in.
Halloween 2016 - For GPal Ginger, I fabricated a huge Mac Tonyte Half-Moon Head.
C2E2 - Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo 2016 - Built an awesome Mortal Kombat 10 "Sub Zero" Suit for Client Pal Patron Tony to Cosplay in.
BLIZZCON 2011 - Helped Fabricate the Star Craft Character "Sarah Kerrigan" with her "Ghost Armor" while still human (over at Total Fab).
BLIZZCON 2010 - Helped Fabricate the new Diablo III Demon Hunter Suit over at Total Fab.
WIZARD-CON circa 2007 - Helped Introduce Veteran Actor Joe McQueen to the convention action as The THING! from FF.
San Diego Comi-Con 2001 - Almost won the Masquerade Contest with my Logan/X-Men/Storm/Sabertooth Skit splendidly choreographed by Veteran Actor, Lou Klein.
Special Effects Shops I've worked at:

Designer TJP_"Dude, I'm always working as the Costume Pimp of Hollywood"
Anatamorhex FX _These guys did the little Chi Wow Wow doggy on Taco Bell
MBP, Inc._Michael Burnett Productions, Inc.
XFX, Inc._Now called Steve Johnson's Edge Effects
Optic Nerve _John Vulich's shop, They did a lot on Buffy and X Files
Sota Effects _Director Roy Knyrim - One of his clients is DEVO. Another is Alice Cooper
Total Fabric ation_Run by Ken Hall who was Second Unit Director on Tales from the Hood
SMG, Inc._Screaming Mad George
John Buegler's Shop _ When I worked on "Carnosaur" over there, I pretended we were doing Juraissac Park.
Alchemy FX _Run by Vodka Connoisseur and Expert FX Man, Mike Deak

Special Effects filmography

Forsaken, The (2001) (special makeup effects: MBP Inc.)
Monkeybone (2001) (special effects shop fabricator: XFX Inc.)
Red Planet (2000) (special effects shop fabricator: XFX Inc.)
Baby Geniuses (1999) (special effects designer: MBP Inc.)
Strangeland (1998) (special effects lab technician: MBP Inc.)
Space Truckers (1997) (special effects fabricator: SMG Inc.)
Velocity Trap (1997) (special effects fabricator: UFO Inc.)
Carnosaur (1993) (special effects shop fabricator: At Buegler's Shop)
Dollman vs. Demonic Toys (1993) (V) (special effects costume designer: Alchemy Inc.)
Puppet Master 4 (1993) (special effects shop fabricator: Alchemy Inc.)

Miscellaneous crew filmography

Tales from the Hood (1995) (assistant illustrator)
Black Scorpion (1995) (TV) (heroine & villain assistant costumer: MBP Inc.)
Children of the Corn III (1994) (one of several arm puppeteers for SMG's Corn Monster)
Alienator (1989) (the assistant Sci-Fi Costumer who helped fabricate Villain Teagan's Suit)

Art Department filmography

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997) (painter: Textile Fabrics)
Merlin (1992) a.k.a. October 32nd (prototype movie poster artist)

Costume Design Filmography

Wolf Trap (2012) Directed by Lex Nakashima (Costume Designer)
Dean Shultz's "Fanpire" (2008) (Costume Fabricator of Mace Windu outfit and Wookie Heavy Ammo Bandolier seen on the Hollywood Character Impersonators)
Director David Markey's "The Reinactors" (2007) (Costume Prop Designer for several of the Hollywood Characters)
Confessions of a Super Hero (2007) (Additional Costume Pimp Designer for "Max" BATMAN and "Joe" HULK. Just tell me I didn't make Max's Batman Gauntlets or Re-design Joe HULK's muscle suit and I will beat your ass!)
Stan Lee's "Who Wants To Be A Super Hero?" (2006) (Costume Designer for The INFORCER - tell me I didn't build his big gun and I will beat your ass!)
Demons at the Door (2002) (Costume Designer)
Wizards of the Demon Sword (1991) (Prototype Costume Designer)
Roller Blade Warriors: Taken by Force (1989) (Costume Designer) - "Scott Shaw, if you are reading this, Cleve Hall & I want to meet you sometime soon!"
Steel Bogey (1989) Produced by Don Jackson (The Chosen Costume Designer to make this Flick)

Actor filmography

The Ambassadors of Hollywood (2011) ...Me as BLADE & The Costume Pimp of Hollywood
The Reinactors (2007) ... Me as Samuel L. Jackson's Mace Windu with Yoda
Tales from the Hood (1995) .... Extra Devil Dancer
Children of the Corn III (1994) .... My dark hand was used in a pick-up knife shot.


Monster Man (2012)- Guest "Ultraman" Designer on episode 6 SyFy Reality Show Monster Man.
2011 Kids Choice Awards - I put the fire flames on Jack Black's Jumpsuit at Total Fab.
Fresh Beat Band (2010) - Helped sew up some Superhero Suits for Fresh Beat Band's "Twist & Shout" over at Total Fab.
Saturday Night Live (2006) (Special Effect Costumer at: Total Fabrication. Helped construct the "Heavy Metal Suit" seen kickin' ass on all other Music Genre Characters during a Jack Black Performance)
Passions (2001)(Soap Opera) (special effect shop creature fabricator: MBP Inc.)
Thieves (2001)(action) (thief action suit fabricator)
Wasteland (2000)(Comedy) (special effect prop designer)
The Steve Harvey Show(1999)(Comedy) (special effect prop designer)- answered to main Prop Man Skip Weaver ("Skip, where th House Party at?")
Power Rangers (1999)(Afterschool Action) (Trakeena Villian Costume Fabrication at: Total Fab)-"Couldn't date the Woman because I did Go-Go Dance work for her Man at Club Orbit."


There's plenty of Designer TJP FX Product Commercials on the YouTube Channel - A fav is "The Men Who Wear Hats" UNDERfx Chromakey Hood Spot
Hyundai Car Commercial w Furry Sheep Head People (Shot in Brazil) - Helped Fabricate some Furry Sheep Heads for SOTAfx Technian Matt Falleta
The Yeti 30 sec TV Strident Gum Spot - Helped Fabricate The Hairy Creature w expensive fur over at Total Fab.
Bryant Man - Air Conditioning TV Spots - Helped insert the gazillion foam muscles inside a bunch of Bryant Man Supey Suits at TFab.
Captain Obvious VOIP TV Spot - Assistant Costumer at: Anatamorphex (where we reluctantly turned the job over to Stan Winston).
Heineken Super Hero TV Spot - Assistant Costumer at: Total Fabrication (I had to stay up friggin' late).
Diablo II - It's Everyhere (One of several special effect costume fabricators)
Mortal Kombat - Shot down in Mexico (Costumer at: SMG, Inc.)

Music Videos and Rock Concerts

Karyn White - "Can I Stay With You?" Video - Created the Black & White Storyboards featured on Karyn's Drafting Table.
Taking Back Sunday - "Faith" Video - Helped Airbrush a Tabby Cat Pattern on a small furry cat suit for Veteran Dwarf Actor Joe Griffith at Total Fab.
Insane Clown posse - Night of the Zombie (Costume Designer for Roy Knyrm who Directed)
Alice Cooper Concert Tour - (The gigs with a Giant Frankenstein on the stage) (assisted several FX Technicians at SotaFX & TFab)
Coachella 2011 with The Aquabats - Helped glue together a giant pink dog dragon over at Total Fab.
AFI a.k.a. A Fire Inside - The Girl's Not Grey (Costumer at S.M.G. and Fabricator of the "Big Little Blue Surreal Bunny") - Directed by David Slade.
Camp Freddy - The one with some girls walking thru town on way 2 see the band (Costume Fabricator of The Grinch Costume seen in video)
The Ramones - The Substitute (the last official Ramones Video starring Nicholas Worth and Guest Cameo of Lead Singer Lenny from MOTORHEAD) (Costume Design)
The Revolting Cocks - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? (The Ultimate Costume Designer)
Jason Zodiac - Brainwash (Costume Designer at: SMG, Inc.)
Kirk Franklin - The One with him in a Fur Vest (fur vest Costume Designer)
Missy Elliott - Bitch (nasty black vinyl outfit costume fabricator - where they come up out of the water.)
TLC - The Tour with the Bad Dude Villain (bad dude villain Costume Designer)
Billy Idol - Shock to the System (wild extra cyberpunk rebel dancer)
Madonna - Deeper and Deeper (disco cool extra dancer in white turtleneck tank top and Black Mid Drift Jacket)
Colorblind - Whole Lotta Love (the costumer and a featured dancer)
Aerosmith - The Computer Love One (virtual suit concept design artist)
Mylene Farmer - The Sexy French Singer (super wing fabricator assistant at: SMG, Inc.)
Aerosmith - The Tattoo One (tattoo design artist)
Cock Robin (with Lead Singer Peter Kingsbery) - I'm Beginning to Wonder - The Cool 80's Band's first Demo Video (featured wild go-go dancer who yanks girl off the stage)
The Weirz Band - Imagination (the black go-go dancer with the cool shades prancin' by the pool)
Motorhead - Sacrifice (released in Europe only) (Costume Designer)
Jason Zodiac - Silence (Costume Designer at: SMG, Inc.)

Dance Clubs I've Go-Go Danced at:

The Bitter End (featured Go-Go Dancer) (My first gig.)
Mac's Garage (featured Go-Go Dancer) DJ Marcus Wyatt returned my name to his Founding Fathers List in 2017
The Apartment (featured Go-Go Dancer)- April, I still Love you in them spiked heel pumps.
Club Perversion (featured Go-Go Dancer) (This is the club before Bruce's club.)
Water the Bush (featured Go-Go Dancer)
The Mayan (featured Go-Go Dancer 1989) I tried to regain my Podium Dance Spot n 2009 there but Richard Vas' was still Dance Captain there (when I came 2 audition) & was shocked 2 see me!
Disco 2000 (featured Go-Go Dancer) (This Orange County gig must have ran 8 years.)
Cherry Fridays (featured Go-Go Dancer) (Shona, we lost one of the Arquettes! Your Leopard Dress is still at my house.)
Club Lunch (featured Go-Go Dancer)
Stars of the 70s (featured Go-Go Dancer)"Dean, I'm ready to work it, if you're ready to pay!"
Club NYCE (featured Go-Go Dancer)
Club Vogue (featured Go-Go Dancer)
The Red Ozone (featured Go-Go Dancer.)- Wore practically nothing at this club, & got 2 hang with Jasmin 4 awhile.
Club Orbit (featured Go-Go Dancer) The Club Promoter's Woman was "Trakeena" on Power Rangers.
Club 1970 (featured Go-Go Dancer)
Club 1970 (featured Go-Go Dancer) The Sister Club in San Francisco. Drove up n my '68 Bug & worked that joint on opening nyte.
Ground Zero (featured Go-Go Dancer)
Club 1984 (featured Go-Go Dancer) - One of Billy Limbo's final Retro Clubs b4 he passed.
Empire Ballroom (featured Go-Go Dancer) - Stuck my ass through Cheryl's car door window and she loved it.
Sunday Love (featured Go-Go Dancer) (Where is my Dance Partner / Racy Film Make-up Artist, Renea now?) Found her! She's still sexy hot as Hell!
The West End Club (featured Go-Go Dancer) "Would get tired early over here dancin' above my House Regular Peers."
The Palladium (we had to simultaneously Dance & serve cocktails for a Malcolm McLaren gig and a Grace Jones gig)
Club Performance (featured Go-Go Dancer) (Pam, the Fashion Video Tape, I need, is still inside your house.)
Club Cohiba (featured Go-Go Dancer) If u showed up late, at this Disco gig in Long Beach, they'd "dock" your pay down a bit.

Noted TV Appearances

Movie Magic - The Episode where they visit & film the crew at John Buegler's FX Shop.
TV News - NBC Channel 4 - (2006) Dressed as Jimi Hendrix commenting on Hollywood Characters
TV News - ABC Channel 7 - (2006) Dressed as BLADE showing off the fact my swords were plastic and that I'm not in Hollywood to kill people.
Marilu Henner Show - (Tribute to the 70's) (featured dancer)
Nia Peeble's Party Machine - (Song & Dance Show) (extra Go-Go Dancer)
Rick Dees Double Platinum - (Song & Dance Show) (extra Go-Go Dancer)
E Entertainment - Hollywood Nights on The Gothic Scene (extra Dancer)

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