Jenn...My DJ...My Friend

DJ Jenn doing a Bi_ _ _ Ass Sky Mix to the world.

My Dear DJ Jenn:

Do you know how long it's been?

3 years, 4 years, it feels like ten.

I've danced on many Hollywood Dancefloors,

Under the music guiding presence of your name.

For my heartache pain, you threw me Siouxsie,

Dead Can Dance, with Skinny Puppy,

Again and again.

I figure to still be on your Guest List,

And your new gig is way up high.

Later, please show me how we'll dance on air,

I won't be shy.

Now I look up and say Good Night,

To you in the sky.

Goodbye Jenn.

                                                2005 by Tuck 4 DJ Jenn

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