The Babe Factor Movie Poster
imageOnce I've discussed theme & layout with American Independant Film Producer Sandy Horowitz, I begin my poster project with a color pencil sketch of a girl to wet the client's appetite for sensual form.
Next, I study a computer electronic cirquit board schematic to get some "line & path" ideas for a techno background to support the working title's L-E-D letterstyle, that will spell "The Babe Factor".image
image Then I render a tight pencil composition to show placement of character elements and to verify the director's theme wish for a movie poster that depicts sexy women trapped inside a computer game, and their exciting attempt to bust out through the host computer monitor glass panel.
imageSandy loves the layout, and I mount a big 30x40 hot press illustration board on the wall and start collaging pencilled images with the help of an old school overhead projector. Next I mask off areas with light adhesive frisket paper and airbrush acrylic paint mixed with every thinner concoction you can think of to get the quick dry polymer to squeeze through my VL Paasche air gun.
If you start out with a decent clean realistic pencil drawing on the illustration board, graphically rendering only the most important lines of the figure or object, you won't blow it when the airbrushing begins. I save the rendering of the escaping womens' desperate lips for my IWATA HP-SB detail gun.image
imageAnd voila! This 1700.00 poster is now ready for action. Now before it eventually winds up on the producer or director's living room wall, a transparency is made, and type is set which contains music, camera men, etc.. Finally, posters and small color flyers are printed up to promote the upcoming film.

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