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Welcome to UnderFX! This video accessory product line, made by Tuck John Porter a.k.a. Designer TJP (Costumer on 'RollerBlade Warriors' and 'Demons at the Door'), specializes in Green Screen/Blue Screen chromakey situations with various accessories such as Gloves, Hoods, and Full Cover Bodysuits. The Brite Green or Blue color of the UnderFX Video Gear significantly helps Videographers and Film Editors "Chromakey out" the person wearing the specialized gear (thus becoming invisible) on-set. The washable stretch fabric will easily fit medium to large adults.

You may order here, at Designer TJP, the manufacturer of the Under FX Line to gaurantee the latest upgrade and style. Check out our sample page on the Under FX Full Cover Green Bodysuit! Inqiure additional info at Designer TJP. Custom orders are also welcome. We accept PayPal. Please enjoy learning about the UnderFX Product Line, and keep us in mind the next time you need to "disappear on set"!

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