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_Shikana Temille and Nii
Dr. Shikana Temille and her Husband, Nii's new Health Fitness promo reel will return shortly(A Small Lo- Res Version). It describes their affirmations on what constitiutes a Beautifully Fit and Healthy Lifestyle. A higher quality VCD (that also plays on your home DVD Player) ia available for sale today.
          [Body by NII_ZIGN and Warm Spirit]
Body by NII_ZIGN and Warm Spirit
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_Dramatic Sculpture by Greg Polutanovich
Sculpture by Greg PolutanovichGreg Polutanovich carves some fine ass sculpture pieces over at, and we both like the Poncho carrying gunslinger, Clint_Eastwood. Greg works in clay, then bronzes an Edition of 10 pieces of his high detailed work. Check him out!
          [ Greg's Dramatic Bronze Website ]

Me and a Bio-Mechanical Warrior
George at SMG is known as a wild and brilliant man amongst his Special Effect Peers. He worked on Freeked, Guyver, and even the Abyss. Go and check out the stuff we did for the cult Sci-Fi Hit "Space Truckers" starring Dennis Hopper, and Directed by Stuart Gordon.
                     [Screamin' Mad George Website]
The SMG Logo

Ken's Puppet Character
Total Fabrication Effect Shop owner, Ken, likes to concentrate on the Children's Market with puppets and walkarounds like "DJ Germ" shown here. I made the vest and sweatshirt for the creature's 4 arms.                               [Total Fabrication]The Total Fab Logo

King Kong at Universal
Mike is always creating something "unusual" for Universal Studios. Look what I helped him do to the big Gorilla on the Universal Tour ride that has the amazing banana breath.                   [MBP, Inc. Website]The MBP Logo

Steve's website may still be under for repair and maintenance, but look what he did to the Black Guy on Monkey Bone. I helped stuff the insides of those furry little legs.
                [Steve Johnson's XFX Website]
The XFX Logo

Bible Man '94
Along with creating the first prototyped Duracell characters on the TV commercial, SOTA Effects is also doing some amazing stuff with the Todd McFarlane toy product line. Look what I helped them do with the Super Hero, Bible Man a while back. SPFX Artist Ken Hall built the yellow foam stuff, while my Mom (the late Mazree W. Porter) sewed up the cool cape.                   [Sota FX]The Sota FX Logo

Planet Diablo Art
Check out the Fan Art Gallery section and see cool drawings and digital renderings of the Diablo characters. Even I had to submit some artwork to this site.                          [Planet Diablo]Planet Diablo Logo

Mac Addict Stuff
The magazine is too expensive to buy in the stores, so check 'em out online for free. These dudes make it their business to know Macs, and they even have an Art Gallery to showcase the talents of Artists.                [Mac Addict]Mac Addict Logo

My TV Logo
This TV Guide will keep you abreast of "Smallville", "The Birds of Prey" (cancelled), the Star Trek series, "ENTERPRISE" (cancelled), and "Las Vegas" (with bad_ass James Caan). This site will even tell you what to expect in each episode.                               [Yahoo TV]Yahoo TV Logo

The Dark Sith Lord.
Check this site out to see your favorite movie and the stars that made it happen. You can even leave a comment of your own for the show that you liked. I'm listed over there with several movie credits, like the one where they mention me as the Extra Devil Go-Go Dancer in the cult Sci-Fi hit, "Tales from the Hood".
           [The Internet Movie Database]
The IMDB Logo

My Sister_Temille
My Sister, Temille is a Psychologist, and finally got married to a dude named Nii from Africa. I'm doing her new website at a huge brotherly discount. You can see it once Temille locates an appropriate ISP account.A Happy Hair Logo
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A Hypnotherapy Logo
Diane is a trained Psychotherapist, working in three areas of human development and mental health: Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, and Sexual Abuse. I begged her not to use the James Dean type photo of herself on her website, but she persisted and won. The shot is not too bad and we're currently relocating the site.The Monster Works Logo
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Me and Shawna
This site has goodies to buy for dancin' and prancin' around town and just plain lookin' good (like me and Shawna). I believe you'll get the music scoop here as well.              [Club Things]The Club Thing Logo

Jun with Camera

Charles W. Porter, Jr., who I call Jun, is a Digital Photographer working in the inner city of Los Angeles. He has decent rates, a sharp photographic eye, and a bunch of equipment. Check him out.             [In Total Focus]

TJP with Susie_01
One of my favorite clubs, Clockwork Orange slams on Friday Nights out in the Hollywood area. My lovely Dance Partner gets off the wall each time we come here. Visit the Clockwork Orange Website and see what's shakin', Baby.              [Clockwork Orange]

Me with a Cross
A swift, easy Search Engine, Google will also grab images from all across the internet. Punch in your own name sometime and see what hits come up.             [GOOGLE Search Engine]

Yusef up close
Sit down to a greasy sandwich or a Subway type healthy one. The point is, to sit down and listen to this man play the Blues. Awesome and invigorating (you'll hardly notice you just wolfed down your meal), Yusef can call up this soulful style of music from deep within his inner being. Check him out.             Some Fattback Blues

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_Me with a Toy Gun
WAX is mostly about House Music. See the people, see the culture, and feel the rhythm. Club Wax runs every other Saturday and is open late just like back in the good ol' days. Find a Saturday when the club is lit and go from there.             [ Go get some WAX ]