Fresh Style Apple Hat by Designer TJP - "The Python Hat!"
The Python Hat by Designer TJP

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Faux Red Leather Pleather Python Apple Hat
by Tuck John Porter

"This Club Hat is for all people with big heads unable to find anything cool on the store shopping rack. Smaller sizes will come soon, but for now, it's time to satisfy the Big Head Fans around the world!"

Break the Funk, Jack the Groove, Get on the Dancefloor, & show your move!

Hello, we have an awesome Faux Red Leather Pleather Python Apple Hat by Tuck John Porter (one of several talented FX Technician Costumers who rebuilt the Alice Cooper Cyclops Creature at SOTA Productions). This modern Apple Hat fits great and receives rave reviews on the fashion streets and in the dance clubs.

Sized to fit an Adult Male size Large Head 23.00" inch (58.42 cm) circumference or bigger, this cool clubwear hat flares wide on the sides then straight up into the air like an Egyptian Pharoah. Thick faux leather-like red pleather mounted on a black faux crocodile bill will give you the command of austere presence wherever and whenever there's a unique style to clock.

8.65 will ship the Red Python Apple Hat to anywhere in the Continental USA. International Buyers please add an additional 14.35 U.S. Dollars to the shipping cost for International Priority Service. Allied Canadians will pay approx. 16.00 U.S. Dollars in Shipping Costs. Cheers!

Red Python Apple Hat by Designer TJP Red Python Apple Hat by Designer TJP Red Python Apple Hat by Designer TJP

Designer Notes Material Color change without notice depending on Fabric Availability downtown.

Designer TJP Red Python Hat_  $79.00 US Dollars      Style Number_tjphtpyth_lg_122

for Buyers in the USA
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Please allow 2 to 3 working days from time of your PayPal payment to ship out the Python Hat by Designer TJP.
There is a Seven Day refund but we'd like All sales final. Ask anything on your mind before purchasing this item. Thank you.

The Python Hat by Designer TJP

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