"You have disappointed me for the last time"    Darth Vader

"A long time ago, Designer TJP helped fabricate Licensed Production Vaders at MBPfx.com for Clients like Fry's Electronics"

Star Wars Sith Lord Darth Vader Codpiece Accessory

Hello, we can build a cool Darth Vader Reproduction Codpiece. Fabricated by Designer TJP (Costumer on RollerBlade Warriors and Fabricator of the Black Generic Superhero Muscle Top) who made one for Actor Christpher Mitchell who plays Darth Vader in Director Archie Gips new Superhero Documentary "The Ambassadors of Hollywood".

Sized to fit Adult Males with a waist size circumference anywhere from 32" inches (81.28 cm) to 45" inches (114.3 cm) and closes with an adjustable black fast buckle. The inset black piping trim has the cool looking "circular" shape at the oval codpiece bottom that Star Wars Fan Collectors favor around the World. DVader Actor Christopher prefers the smaller sleeker Designer TJP DV Codpiece more so than his own earlier black "back-up" huge wrestling ring style "John Holmes" package crotch protector.

This familiar dark side Sith Lord Codiece is made with faux black leather vinyl and inside foam padding. Designer TJP even begins some "vertical striping" stitch lines on the DV Codpiece side area to emphasize who this 'Luke' Father Villain really is.

Get yours today then chase The Rebels across the Galaxy in padded comfort!

Darth Vader Codpiece by #DesignerTJP Darth Vader Codpiece by #DesignerTJP Darth Vader Codpiece by #DesignerTJP Darth Vader Codpiece by #DesignerTJP
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Designer Notes the materials and color used in the fabrication of the DV Codpiece are subject to change without notice depending on the availability of fabric downtown.

13.60 will ship a Darth Vader Codpiece to anywhere in the USA. International Buyers please add an additional 52.90 to the shipping cost for International Priority Service. Our Allied Canadians will pay less shipping due to their closer proximity. Cheers!

Darth Vader Codpiece_  $79.00 US Dollars      Style Number_dvcodp_042

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Please allow 3 to 4 work days from time of your PayPal payment to ship out your Darth Vader Codpiece.
We ask that All sales are final. Ask anything on your mind before purchasing this item. Thank you.

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This Darth Vader Codpiece is fabricated in the USA
Darth Vader Codpiece by #DesignerTJP who is The Costume Pimp of Hollywood

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