"Stay in the shadows or somethin'."      Vin D.
"Hey Punk, if you're lookin' for trouble, then you just got V.D.!"      Deleted Script Line

Chronicles of Riddick Backpack Fabricated by Designer TJP

Riddick Backpack - Movie Accurate - Prototype First Scratchbuild

Hello we have a Chronicles of Riddick Back Pack Prop. Fabricated by Costume Designer TJP ( Sy Fy's Episode 6 Monster Man, and Demons at the Door ), This cool Riddick Collector Item is the small rear "Bug Pack" only (A Full Body Chest Harness will develope later). Made with textured brown vinyl and foam mesh, the rear Riddick Backpack is approx 12.00" inches (30.48 cm) high and 8.25" inches (20.95 cm) wide. For now, Simply rivet, tape, velcro, or safety pin the Designer TJP Riddick Back Pack to a large pair of Construction Worker style suspenders from your neighborhood hardware store like [ Home Depot ] and make it out to your favorite Comic-Con in Vin Diesel style!

Get your Riddick Back Pack today, then stay out of the Brite Sun!

Chronicles of Riddick Gauntlets Fabricated by Designer TJP    Chronicles of Riddick Gauntlets Fabricated by Designer TJP

Designer notes the materials used in the construction of this Riddick Back Pack are subject to change, without notice, as this is a prototype first one off scratchbuild. One of a kind, no two are the exact same.

6.00 U.S. Dollars will ship the rear Riddick Back Pack to anywhere inside the USA. International Buyers please add an extra 19.00 Dollars to the shipping cost for International Priority Mail service. Our Allied Canadians will pay less shipping due to their close proximity. Please allow approx 3 work days prior to shipping. Cheers!

Attention EU Community Country Customers! We now see the the new shipping protocol, over there, whereby you Governors have to pay some kind of Duty Charge before you can grab your International Package from here in the USA. It's sad to see this shipping delay hit those Customers who were unaware of this. Good Day Mates!

Made in the USA, home planet Earth

Riddick Backpack_  $129.00 US Dollars      Style Number_riddcbkpack251

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