FX Fabrication by #DesignerTJP
FX Fabrication by #DesignerTJP

Namekian Piccolo Arm Chest Piece FX Display Prop

With Removable Arm & Wearable•Poseable Dragon Ball Z Hand

FX Fabrication by #DesignerTJP    Industry Known FX Costumer DesignerTJP ( Space Truckers Starring Dennis Hopper, Rollerblade Warriors Starring Rory Calhoun) was contacted by a Special Effects Company to be on Standby to help Fabricate several DragonBall Z Characters. Betting that one of those Superheroes would be the Namekian Green Guy Pink Ribbed Muscle Piccolo, he Fabricated a 1:1 Lifesize Sample Capability Test Piece Display to show he is a perfect choice to do the FX Costume Work.
   Made with #PrecisionSewing , #TextureAirbrush Technique, and #FoamFabrication , The Piccolo Display Arm is removable for Shipping. The Namekian Green Glove is completely wearable in case you need to Freak Your Wife.
   This Piccolo #FXPropDisplay, if hanging from a wall, measures approx 24" inches ( 60.96 cm ) across, 27" inches ( 68.58 cm ) in height, and under 1.78" inches ( 4.521 cm ) in depth.
DesignerTJP is available for Costume Commission Work

FX Fabrication by #DesignerTJP

FX Fabrication by #DesignerTJP
FX Fabrication by #DesignerTJP FX Fabrication by #DesignerTJP

Item - Namekian Piccolo Sample Section Capability Test    |    Price - 346.00 USD    |    #DesignerTJP Fx Shop Sample Piece

Please Contact me to see if the Piccolo Display is still available. I promise to rush over here and shut this Piccolo Listing down as soon as it permanently leaves the Shop.



    32.40 u.s.d. will ship your Namekian Piccolo Display Sample to anywhere in the USA. International Buyers please add an additional 69.40 to your Shipping Costs for International Priority Mail Service. Our Allied Canadians will pay a little less in Shipping Costs due to their closer proximity. Cheers!




FX Fabrication by #DesignerTJP

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