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"A long time ago, Designer TJP helped fabricate a Licensed Production Vader at"

Vader Gauntlet Gloves by Designer TJP

Vader - "Then you shall die a braver death!"

Vader Gauntlet Gloves by #DesignerTJP

Darth Vader Replica Star Wars Rebels Style Gauntlet Gloves

Hello, we can build a sweet pair of Vader Gloves inspired from the Star Wars Rebels Saga in a Galaxy far far away. All of us "older" Star Wars Fans already know these Vader Glove/Gauntlets are definitely from the ANH Episode IV "A New Hope" hitting The Sci-Fi World in 1977. Fabricated in faux leather black vinyl, by Designer TJP (who helped build the MK4 Suits seen in the Mortal Kombat TV Commercial), these Dark Sith Lord Gloves are sized to fit Adult Large Males with a hand/palm circumference up to 9.5 inches (24 cm) and a forearm circumference up to 15.25 inches (38.73 cm). You'll see the familar "horizontal stitch line padded quilted top surface" riding approx 8 inches (20.32 cm) up your forearm (from the wrists) on the Vader Gauntlet.

Get your Vader Gauntlets today, then raise your fists in a stern affirmation to suppress The Rebels!

Vader Gauntlet Gloves by Designer TJP Vader Gauntlet Gloves by Designer TJP Vader Gauntlet Gloves by Designer TJP
Vader Gauntlet Gloves by Designer TJP Vader Gauntlet Gloves by Designer TJP
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9.00 will ship these Dark Force ANH Vader Gloves to anywhere in the USA. International Buyers please add an additional 40.00 U.S. Dollars to the shipping cost for International Priority Mail Service. Cheers!

Please allow approx 4 work days, from your PayPal payment to ship your Vader Gloves. Designer notes the materials used in the fabrication of these Vader Gloves are subject to change, without notice, depending on the availability of the fabric downtown.

Darth Vader Gloves ANH Style_  $89.00 US Dollars      Style Number_dv-glv-anh-142

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Vader Gauntlet Gloves by Designer TJP

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