"About the whole no guns thing... I'm not sure I feel as strongly about it as you do."      Catwoman whispers 2 The Bat!

Catwoman Bodysuit Fabricated by Designer TJP

Catwoman Bodysuit Fabricated by Designer TJP

TDKR Movie Accurate Hathaway Version Catwoman Bodysuit

Hello we have a movie accurate Catwoman Bodysuit (Stretch Bodysuit Only. belt and accessosies not included). It's the Anne Hathaway Girl Spy slick version seen in the TDKR Chris Nolan Bat Film 3rd Trilogy, "The Dark Knight Rises". Sized to fit Adult Medium Women, the Black Bodysuit is custom made with a cool looking 'waffle" textured stretch fabric, secret hidden corset boning strips, and zips up in the front. Comes with a sleek smooth black vinyl collar and breast hugging vinyl/elastic trim that follows the raglan sleeve seam lines, then down the front and back of the sensual hip hugging Bodysuit. The Catwoman Bodysuit is Fabricated by Designer TJP (Fabricator of The Batman Dead End Gauntlets). Your Catsuit order will take approx a week to process and complete prior to shipping.

Become Catwoman today, then seek & scratch a Gotham heart of desire!

13.60 will ship this Movie Accurate Catwoman Bodysuit to anywhere in the USA. International Buyers please add an additional 52.90 to the shipping cost. Canadian Buyers will pay a bit less shiping due to their Allied close proximity. Please allow 7 work day construction time prior to shipping. Cheers!

Designer notes the color and materials used in the fabrication of this item are subject to change, without notice, depending on the availability of fabrics downtown.

Catwoman Bodysuit_  $229.00 US Dollars      Style Number_catw_bodys_060

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Tuck John Porter a.k.a. Designer TJP is The Costume Pimp of Hollywood

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