The 8 panel Batman Cape by #DesignerTJP !


"Today, you can fight up to six men. I'll teach you to fight six hundred men."
                  League of Assasins Main Villain in Batman Begins

Bat Cape by #DesignerTJP

Bat Cape by #DesignerTJP


Adult Male Large Scallop 8 panel Bat Cape

With built in "Slits" to add "Posing Sticks"!

Bat Cape by Designer TJP Kazooks! It's here! A full 8 panel thick black pleather showstopping Bat Cape sewn by #DesignerTJP (DEVO-Man Episode 6 SYFY MonsterMan). Thanks to rabid #Batman Fans, like Chris, John B, and Xavier, we have a Gotham arsenal of intense 8 panel Batcape pics to show you! This crusader cape ties off at the neck, concealed by your favorite #FoamRubber #BatCowl Mask and has a monster wide wingspan over 9 1/2 feet!. The Cape Pattern is based off a highly forum talked about 8 panel Batcape Schematic (seen online for years). We answered the call. 8 awesome stitched panels of smooth black pleather add complete fullness (see pic) to your silhouette as you enter a costume masquerade room full of adversaries or while performing in the park, in front of a bunch of awestruck kids & spruced up as the caped crusader. Height of the soft pleather black cape is approximately 63" inches (160.2 centimeters) tall from the neck to any Scalloped Point and comfortably fits a neck size up to 17 1/2" inches (44.45 centimeters) on an Adult Male. Anyone under 6' feet (1.8288 meters) tall will be dragging scallops wherever you go. This Dark Knight Cape has built-in "slits" to add 2 posing sticks or aluminum rods (not included) up to 43" (109.22 centimeters) long. The scalloped bottom nicely finishes off your fearsome Bat Cape.

Launch yourself over the edge of fantasy and take back the night!

Bat Cape by #DesignerTJP Bat Cape by #DesignerTJP Bat Cape by #DesignerTJP
Bat Cape by #DesignerTJP Bat Cape by #DesignerTJP Bat Cape by #DesignerTJP

Designer notes the materials and color, used in the Batcape construction are subject to change, without notice depending on the availabilty of fabric downtown.

21.90 will ship this Scalloped Bat Cape to anywhere in the USA. International Buyers please add an additional 86.60 to the shipping cost for International Priority Service. Canadians will pay a little less in shipping due to their Allied Proximity. Cheers!

Black 8 Panel Batcape_ $246.00 U.S.Dollars   Style Number_8panel_bcape_pleathr_091

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Bat Cape by #DesignerTJP

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