The New Man of Steel Poster Art by Designer TJP

Hello all concerned Superman Fanatics:

Do you remember when the DC universe announced a sudden & dramatic change for Superman and his costume (Now quite a few years back)? They did away with his red cape and had lightning bolts shooting out of the eyes of this man from the red planet Krypton. Naturally, I went ballistic. To imagine the leader of all known superheroes missing his cape, is to imagine no leader at all. To counterattack the new upgrade plan for The Man of Steel, I tried to organize an art forum at my local comic book shop on Melrose, in California to protest the official costume changes, and invite other artists to create their own Superman Upgrade Costumes with an emphasis on a fashion style that is, at once, practical, real, and worthy of our Kryptonian Descendant. The comic book shop said I was making too big of a deal and reluctantly allowed me to hang up one big poster of my own upgrade artist conception for Superman (see the above artwork), along with a "Rally Call to Action" paragraph embedded in the graphics. It was a smash hit amongst my peers, and some folks called in looking for a smaller sized copy of my big poster. I answered the call and made a few Limited Edition Hand Signed Color Laser FIERY'S (sized 8.50x11 and 11x17). E-mail me for more details.

The small posters are 7.00 dollars and the big tabloid sizes are 10.00.
Please add 5.25 for shipping and handling (70 cents shipping for each additonal poster).
California Residents please add your 8.25 percent sales tax

Allow 9 to 12 days for delivery.

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